Mario Badr


I began my teaching journey as a Teaching Assistant many moons ago. Now, I mainly teach courses related to the fundamentals of computer science and computer systems. Thanks to my students, I received the CSSU Teaching Award for Winter 2022.

Below is a list of courses I have taught in the Department of Computer Science.

Course Code Course Name Last Taught
CSC369H1 Operating Systems 2023 Winter
CSC111H1 Fundamentals of Computer Science II 2023 Winter
CSC258H1 Computer Organization 2022 Fall
CSC385H1 Microprocessor Systems 2022 Winter
CSC110Y1 Fundamentals of Computer Science I 2021 Fall
CSC108H1 Intro. to Computer Programming 2021 Winter
CSC148H1 Intro. to Computer Science 2020 Winter